Tuesday, December 02, 2008

64bit assembly

I've spent some time over the last few days looking for books and or tutorials on x86_64 assembly language. Much to my disappointment there dose not seem to be anything at the moment.

If you look on forums the best answer you will get is learn x86_32 assembly then look here to see how 64 bit is different. This is fine if I allready knew 32 bit assembly but I don't I'm starting from scratch. So why should I waste time learning how to do things on on 8086, or even the 80386 when I want to write programs that run in 64 bit mode.

Now I realise that there is an awful lot of common ground here but there are also important differences. There is an lot of legacy 32 bit and 16 bit ways of doing things which I don't strictly need to know when working in 64 bit mode.

so Instead of following the evolution of the chips I want to start with today's chips and learn how to adapt that to yesterdays chips if or when I need it. For anyone reading this who knows x86_64 assembly, you should write a book, or at least a good tutorial.