Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Land of Mists

Proffesor Challanger is a major chacter in several of Author Connan Doyle's books. He is a man of utmost scientific regiour and reason. WHich makes the last book he appears in all the more puzzling as in it he, following the Authors footsteps accepts and embraces the reality of mediumship.

One key event within this book sees a not so well of, but very well meaning medium get entrabed by undercover police oficers who come to him with a conncoted story aimed at exposing the fraudulent nature of his abilities. And indeed where this the real world said abilities would have been exposed when ti was revealed that the name the young police woman mensioned was not her fiance but her dog.

Unfrotunatly in the real world self proclaimed psychics are freqently very wealth and at the same time very rarly investigated by the authorities. And where a private citizen tired to do so, even a jurnalist, he is almost asured of being dragged through the court system, on charges of liabel. So it is good to know that a few still dare to investigate the mediums of today.

The real world method seems quite similar to that used by Doyle 100 years ago. Put down a name of a person who does not exist, because he is a dog, or just a sufficently obscure fictional character, and the deception will be revealed.