Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back to Lisp

Looks like I'll be playing wtih a little Lisp again rather than Python. May even need to chagne the name of this blog. This time in the form of newLisp this is a very small and seeming agile implementation of lisp.

It's not a Common Lisp, but instead does its own thing in what appears to be a very light weight manner, which still feels like lisp. All the While focusing on practical things like providing Network (indlucing HTTP) database, Threading and even GUI API's out of the box. As well as what seems like near seamless integration with C librarys, though only time will tell on that one.

Some other features are a little unusual such as a return to older scoping rules. And a namespace implementation called contexts.

Some of the design decisions have been critisised hevily, but others areue along the lines of try it and see it actually works out without being insane. So I'll go down this route.

As a first remark it is a small distibution at 1.1MB of source Tarball and is very easy to compile out of the box. For me on two differnt machines (with different Distos) It just worked.

I have two projects in mind:

1) See how much of the stuff in 'On Lisp' I can get working in newLisp
2) write a Rouge like console game using libcaca

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