Sunday, February 14, 2010

Never World RPG 2nd instalment

Minor tweaking has continued so to speak. Mostly I've been trying to simplify things, make skills work more consistently with each other and remove as many modifieres and rolls as possible. At the same time i don't want to loose variability too much. In the process I found more inspiration here and there. Including some even better ideas about how wounds should work. These let me get rid of the large, and very clunky table of Damage classes, and the need to roll damage as a seperate activity.

Now I'm down to a system where the Attacker will make one roll, and the defender might make one roll, if they are wounded.

I'm still increasingly happy with the rules and have even managed to get a character sheet together which is simpler on the one hand and gets the important numbers down on the other. And all this while making space for a portrait as well. All together a good feeling.

Now I just have to work on some of the other areas that have special dozens of special modifers like reaction rolls, hiding and sneaking etx. The goal is to ahve a set of tables that easily fit on half an A4 page, while still being readable.

PS: This post seems to be getting a lot of spam comments in Japanese, so I've been forced to disable further comments on it.


Erin Quick-Laughlin said...

Hi Konrad,

Is this your own rule system, or mods to the NeverWorld game by ForEverWorld Books?

Curiously, I've been thinking about open-sourcing my material for NeverWord, and wondering if anyone would be interested in using it.

Erin QL
ForEverWorld Books

Konrad Zielinski said...

My Own system. Looks like I'll be looking for a new name now. Damn it, why didn't Google tell me, the existing RPG didn't show up at all when I did a search