Sunday, June 01, 2008

Been away from Lisp too long.

Yes I'm sad to say that I've spent too long without messing about in Lisp. Now that I'm trying with pico lisp theres a lot of basic logic which seems to be bogging me down, such as when to quote and unquote things (though Pico lisp seems to be a little different in this regard).

Another omission, from the point of view of convenience, is the lack of a well developed string formatting function. Granted the built in symbol manipulation primitives are more general then a format function but in simple cases they lead to more verbose code. Note Pico Lisp does have a function called format but it is restricted to formating a single number as a fixed precision decimal.

Still I'm working slowly in adapting some examples from a Common Lisp book into Pico Lisp, and if nothing else its an enjoyable exercise.

It looks like I am on the Pico lisp mailing list, though I never got notified that my subscription request was accepted. Still I got to ask my question now, which is good.

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