Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Lisp is addictive

A week or so of Pico Lisp and I'm addicted again. Now the label was right, this is no common Lisp. Part of this means that a lot of built in functions have different names but then lets be honest, 'filter' is a much better name then 'remove-if-not'. I also found that there is no 'reduce' function but it was trivial to implement.

I have to say that having having one name space for functions and variables works, and using quote as lambda is growing on me. Pico lisp is proving to be a very succinct lisp to program in, which is a good thing.

Time permitting I'll be doing a lot more pico lisp hacking in the near future, port a few scripts I've done in python as practice and then on to some more interesting stuff. I've got some pointers on how to mix pico lisp and c code, which will is bound to prove useful

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