Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Divine Retribution

I have to say that hearing anyone talk about divine retribution after a natural disaster makes my blood boil. Like this Individual.

Honestly their should be an ethical exam before anyone is allowed into a position of religious authority. This is the 21st century people. The lunacy of it is, as always, that the people hurt the most by the bushfire played no direct part in writing the laws Mr Nalliah is critical of.

Mr Nalliah, I put it to you that if you dream of fire and brimstone it might be a premonition of your own fate. I trust, and hope, that your congregation does not hold with your absurd statements and will seek to remove you from office as expediently as possible. And let me finish by saying shut up you self deluded religious zealot.

It turns out that Mr Nalliah is no stranger to controversy. And has previously been found guilty of religious vilification. He also published a brochures that listed the religious buildings of other religions (along with Casinos and Brothels) as Satan's strongholds.

This reinforces my decision at the last few elections to always list the Family First Party last. I see them as far more sinister then some overtly Christian political parties as they make some attempt to conceal their affiliation with fundamentalist Christian groups.

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