Thursday, February 26, 2009

Javascript Solution

I've been doing two things recently. Messing with CORBA and adding a small JavaScript effect to a web page. Working with CORBA is technical and challenging, and you would think interesting. To tell the truth CORBA has a somewhat unjustified bad reputation round the office. It dosn't fit perfectly to python, that is true, but it is still a very fast and reasonably secure way to do RPC.

The little JavaScript solution was suprisingly more enjoyable. Now I don't do much fornt end work so I had to look up essentially everything, and had one approach not work, for no obvious reason that I could see. But on the whole it was more enjoyable. I suspect that the immediate visible feedback provided by making a change, reloading the page and seeing what would happen, had a lot to do with it.

I'm think I can see more web design work in my near future. And more javascript. wxJavascript or GLUEScript as it is to be know from the next version onwards is worth a look. Especially as I like the wxWidget toolkit. Don't know if I'll be sufficently motivated to build it myself though.

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